What Should a Marketing Dashboard Contain?

Everyone in sales has experienced the same problem: A new form or phone lead will contact your company eager to learn how you can improve their life, and yet, they fail to respond to your emails, calls, smoke signals and banging at their door at 5 a.m.

It's actually pretty shocking because of lot of your leads greet you contacting them with open arms --  eager to learn about how you can help them.

 So why the disconnect between some leads and others?


Not many people know that the top two drivers of human decisions are emotions and gut reactions. This theory was lad out brilliantly in the book The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. 

Oftentimes emotions are driven by gut reactions themselves.

 We see this on social media every single day.

 For example, how often do you see late-night pundants interviewing people about their feelings on the policy of a politician they despise.

After the participant expresses their disgust and Olive these policy positions, it is revealed to them they are actually the policy positions of a politician the voiced interest in voting for.

See for yourself:

So what you see is something happening in their mind between hearing the actual policy, and who the policy was coming from that altered their favorability toward the actual policy.

A rational reaction would be the following:

Do you support Hitler? No

Did you know Hitler believed in lowering taxes? No

So do you believe in lowering taxes? Actually, yes.

But Hitler believed in it? I could care less. 

Who believes or doesn't believe in something should have little to do with your feelings on it; however, that is emotion at work and it is a real pain in the neck

And it's especially a pain in the neck for you because when a lot of your leads called your company or filled out a form, they had slight euphoria with regard to what your marketing materials were promising

The problem is by the time you reached back out to them, their euphoria has worn off and so has the emotion that was motivating them to do business with you.


There is Hope!

Now that in no way means you will never do business with them.

In fact, when we do email marketing for our clients, we ensure all of these emotional needs are continually targeted with emails that act to trigger their original euphoria that motivated them to reach out to begin with.

And that is the point.

Don't get frustrated when you reach out to certain leads and they ignore you like some middle-age plague.

Instead, do your due diligence to get in touch with them to start the relationship, and add them to your email marketing system when you're confident this is just not the right time (or emotion) for them.

I get excited when we convert new leads into customers, but I get even more excited when we convert some old lead on our email marketing list into a new client.

Some of them will be on our email marketing list for years before they finally sign up for our services!

So whatever you do, don't get bent out of shape!

Feel empathy for your potential customers because they have their own lives and while they originally voiced interest in you helping them in their pursuits, they have a full plate that is somehow redirecting their focus (and emotion) to something they feel is more important.

Now it's your job to redirect that focus back to you, your company, and how you can improve their way of life.

Good luck!


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We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


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