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As you aim to conquer the national market with your products, we've designed a marketing strategy within your budget of $1,999 to $3,999 that's not just effective but transformative. Here’s our roadmap to skyrocket your website sales:

Facebook Advertising: Your National Showcase – We begin with targeted Facebook Ads. It’s your digital billboard across the nation. With Facebook's vast reach and precise targeting, we’ll put your products in front of the eyes that matter most. This approach is about swift, impactful visibility, driving traffic directly to your website for immediate sales.

Email Marketing: The Personal Salesman – Following the initial buzz, email marketing takes the stage. It's like having a personal salesman in every inbox. We’ll craft emails that do more than just talk; they’ll engage. Tailored offers, product highlights, and compelling calls-to-action will turn interested clicks into concrete sales.

Video and Photography: The Visual Storytellers – In the digital world, visuals speak louder than words. We’ll leverage high-quality video and photography to showcase your products. This isn’t just about displaying items; it's about telling a story, creating a lifestyle around your products that resonates and entices.

Social Media Marketing: The Community Driver – Lastly, we amplify your presence with strategic social media marketing. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn become your ongoing connection with your audience. It’s where your brand comes alive daily, engaging customers, building relationships, and creating a community of loyal followers and buyers.

This is more than a strategy; it's a comprehensive ecosystem, each part enhancing the other. Facebook Ads grab attention, Email Marketing nurtures and converts, Video and Photography captivate and showcase, and Social Media Marketing builds and sustains your community.


Option 1:

Facebook Advertising

Strategy: Create customized ad funnels for your business, and target people actively looking for your offerings online, and then retarget them until they become customers.


Option 2 (includes Option 1):

Email Marketing

Strategy: Create email campaigns and auto-responders to target people potentially interested in your offerings while retargeting existing leads and customers.


Option 3 (includes Options 1 & 2):

Video & Photography

Strategy: Schedule and execute series of video and photo shoots that we will use to generate a nearly endless series of highly creative, broadcast quality video and picture ads.

Social Media

Strategy: Develop and post 30 custom designed Memes each month to your Social Media pages around content that will drive your target market to know, like, trust and buy from you.

How Being Our Client Works:

The cost of advertising is included in your fee.

We build all the content, promote all the ads and measure and improve everything.

All services are month-to-month and you may cancel at any time.

Even if you cancel services, everything we've built remains yours.