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we’ve devised a comprehensive marketing strategy within your budget of $4,999 to $9,999. This plan is designed to build a robust online presence and drive significant sales through your website. Let’s explore how each element of this strategy works in harmony:

Phase 1: SEO and Email Marketing - Laying the Foundation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Our first step is to ensure your business ranks high in search engine results. SEO is critical for local businesses as it boosts your visibility when potential customers search for the services you offer. This long-term strategy lays the groundwork for sustained organic website traffic and sales.

Email Marketing: Alongside SEO, we'll implement a targeted email marketing campaign. This channel is excellent for nurturing leads and keeping your audience engaged. Through personalized content and offers, we’ll turn your email list into a reliable source of website traffic and sales.

Phase 2: Facebook Ads and Positive Reviews - Building Momentum

Facebook Advertising: With the foundation in place, we'll utilize Facebook Ads to target your specific audience. These ads are perfect for capturing immediate interest and directing traffic to your website. They offer rapid feedback and allow us to fine-tune our approach for maximum impact.

Positive Reviews: Simultaneously, we’ll focus on accumulating positive customer reviews. These reviews are invaluable, enhancing your business's credibility and attracting more customers. They also contribute positively to your SEO efforts.

Phase 3: Video/Photography and Social Media Marketing - Expanding Reach

Video and Photography: High-quality visuals are crucial in today’s market. We'll use professional video and photography to showcase your services, making your website and ad campaigns more engaging and persuasive.

Social Media Marketing: Finally, we'll amplify your presence with a comprehensive social media strategy. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will be used to engage with your community, share your content, and drive traffic to your website. This step is vital for building a loyal customer base and enhancing brand recognition.

Each component of this strategy is integral. SEO and Email Marketing establish your online presence and start bringing in traffic. Facebook Ads and Positive Reviews accelerate this process, creating immediate impact and trust. Video/Photography and Social Media Marketing then broaden your reach, solidifying your position in the market.

This is more than a marketing plan; it's a holistic system designed to elevate your business and significantly increase your website sales.


Option 1:

Search Engine Optimization

Strategy: Create ongoing on-site and off-site content that will get your website ranked at the top of Google for high-traffic keywords your potential customers are using to find your offerings.

Email Marketing

Strategy: Create email campaigns and auto-responders to target people potentially interested in your offerings while retargeting existing leads and customers.


Option 2 (includes Option 1):

Facebook Advertising

Strategy: Create customized ad funnels for your business, and target people actively looking for your offerings online, and then retarget them until they become customers.

Positive Reviews

Strategy: We will drive as many positive testimonials for your organization as possible, on reputable third-party review sites, from new and existing satisfied customers, vendors and associates.


Option 3 (includes Options 1 & 2):

Video & Photography

Strategy: Schedule and execute series of video and photo shoots that we will use to generate a nearly endless series of highly creative, broadcast quality video and picture ads.

Social Media

Strategy: Develop and post 30 custom designed Memes each month to your Social Media pages around content that will drive your target market to know, like, trust and buy from you.

How Being Our Client Works:

The cost of advertising is included in your fee.

We build all the content, promote all the ads and measure and improve everything.

All services are month-to-month and you may cancel at any time.

Even if you cancel services, everything we've built remains yours.