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Buy One, Get One Free

We all use these offers, mostly used for low cost products rather than services often by large companies such as ASDA and Morrison’s which sell high volume at low cost. It has been shown that the ‘BOGOF’ offer works far better than ‘50% off’.

Free Delivery

Used by companies which provide a delivery service. Particularly useful for fast food businesses or even large businesses like Tesco. Interestingly, this offer is becoming more and more popular on E-commerce websites such as EBay and Amazon in which customers shop online and have the products delivered straight to their door.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be used to give the recipient a money-off discount on a product or a service, or be used to claim a free gift.

10% Off Discount

This offer is particularly good when selling a product which has gone stale or the market for that product is in decline or has flat lined. It’s also good to offer this depending on the demographic, for example companies which offer student discounts because they tend to have less disposable income, or clothing stores offering discounts because they are targeting younger buyers.

Free Sports Tickets with Consultation

This offer is great if:

  1. You are able to close a good amount of your consultations because you have a mature and sophisticated market
  2. The average lifetime revenue that comes from a sale is at least 10x's the cost of the tickets
Student Discounts

Student discounts have been used successfully for years now and they are particularly good for high street brands which students see as ‘in fashion’. You will find that many clothing, fast food, restaurants, social businesses like cinema companies and online stores and businesses offer student discounts of around 5% to 20% to attract one of the highest spending demographics in the UK.

Free ‘X’ If You Buy Before ‘Y’

Can be great for companies like gyms or other monthly paid membership companies. For example gyms can offer a free personal training session with every membership sign up through the month of April.

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