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Metrics & transparency creates trust and improvement.


Where Do These Numbers Come From?

We invite you to explore the current ad performance for all of our active clients.

We wish to be 100% transparent regarding the results we drive, so you may be better informed when deciding whether or not to choose us as your premier marketing agency.

We are nowhere near a perfect, but with transparency, trust, brains and hard work, we hope to be successful for every client that hires us.


The Marketing Agency has a talented team of copywriters, designers and web developers hell-bent on growing your business!

After you fill-out our short Marketing Quiz, we match your business to the best Marketing System that will add new customers to your business.

We will leverage all of the marketing strategies included in your marketing system, beginning with creating your ad campaigns. Your copywriter will be reaching out to you directly in order to drill down on which offerings you would like to promote first, and which markets are your most profitable. Because we work in several industries at all times, your Copywriter will have useful feedback to help your decision-making.

Once your first campaign has been written, custom designed and edited, it will be sent to you so you can easily request changes or approve it right away so it can begin running!

Generating results is our #1 goal at The Marketing Agency.

Companies don't need huge marketing budgets to begin increasing their sales. Instead, all they need is a consistent marketing system that continually promotes ads to potential customers until they buy what you're selling.

The problem is our culture today is one that demands instant gratification.

That's too bad because marketing doesn't work that way.

Studies support that consumers need to see an ad at least 7 times (The Rule of Seven) before they'll actually consider buying from a company they've never heard of.

You see, consistent advertising not only educates consumers on how your offerings improve their way of life, it also builds trust and respect for your company which is key to marketing and sales.

We always say that we have 2 types of clients:

  1. Clients that stay with us for years and increase their marketing budgets over time
  2. And clients that cancel before 60 days due to "no results."

However, if you've got great ads that are continually being clicked and viewed by the same people, you can always bet it's a matter of time before they start buying from you, as well as other people too.

We have 9 Pricing Options to choose from when you sign up that can serve any marketing budget and competitive requirement!

There are NEVER any additional costs. and we have a Marketing System that adds new customers to your business with the following monthly fee structures that include the cost of ad spend:

Tier 1 Marketing System: 999 - 1,999/mo

This Tier is ideal for small businesses looking to drive higher returns for fewer marketing dollars while amassing huge gains in revenue and market mindspace.

From aggressive online advertising and search engine optimization, to email list building and revenue-driving campaigns, this Tier of services matches your business with the most customized marketing system that is specially formulated to flank your competition and DOMINATE your marketplace.

Recommended company size: 0 - 20 employees

Tier 3 Marketing System: 1,999 - 4,999/mo

Our Agency was originally built around clients of this size that require a magnitude of services that compete with industry leaders through carving out a new category of the marketplace, while installing you as the new leader.

This Tier not only includes the advertising and online campaigns that increase your results for fewer marketing dollars, it also catapults your business deep into your market's mindspace by targeting them with 4-10 different promotional avenues and campaigns they will actually enjoy!

Recommended company size: 21 - 500 employees

Contracts are month-to-month and you may cancel at any time before your next billing date.

You will be notified each time your next payment is due, and payments are drafted directly from the payment method you sign up with.

Clients that sign up for 2, 3 or 6 months of services at a time will be billed one time within that billing period.

Fees are not refundable.

One of the greatest discoveries we've made while working with large companies is smaller ad budgets can produce big results. This is through the amazing effectiveness of Facebook advertising which gives small businesses growth opportunities that didn't exist only a decade ago. Through cutting edge ad targeting and scientifically-guided copywriting, our ads don't need as much fuel to cover huge distances in sales, and growth.

After you sign up, the following happens:

  • Our team sets up your password-protected Marketing Portal, and sends you the logins in an email featured in the video below.
  • Our most experienced Copywriter in your industry reviews your account, and calls you to develop a marketing strategy.
  • After speaking with you, our Copywriter begins writing your ad(s) and landing pages. If you are a larger client, we also begin creating additional campaigns such as SEO and email marketing, based on your Marketing System.
  • Once everything is complete, we send each piece of content to you for your feedback and approval.
  • Once you approve, your system is launched, and we routinely optimize your Marketing System's strengths while eliminating any weakness to further perpetuate your growth and success.

While every business is different and has a unique set of challenges (competition, lack of positive reviews, etc.) our average client using one of our Marketing Systems begins seeing a 6 to 1 return ($6 return for every $1 spent on marketing) within 2-3 months of implementation.

Our fees are built around your success, and your fee covers 100% of your Marketing System.

No extra fees anywhere at anytime!

Every month we balance the cost of creating your ads with the cost of promoting them.

Because of this, lower budgets will have less ads created over time to maximize the amount of time their ads are promoted.

Companies with higher ad budgets enjoy the benefits of ads continually being created, and promoted.


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We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by getting them new customers and DOMINATING their competition. 

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Get Maverick's Weekly Marketing Video Advice

Every single week you get (FREE) actionable advice on how to get new customers, grow your business and win.


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923 Haddonfield Rd Suite 300
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We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition.