The Marketing Agency is a national marketing agency serving businesses and consumers.

Marketing services are carried out by our team of 12 full-time office employees managing over 112 contractors, working out of their homes, while leveraging our state-of-the-art Work Portal to complete tasks and communicate with Clients.

Clients have full access to all of their marketing metrics, files and information in their password-protected Marketing Portal. We are positioned as a first-class marketing agency that has maximized automation and contractor loyalty to reduce pricing while increasing the quality of services.

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Our Competitive Advantage

Part 1: Summary

We are the first marketing agency to automate the creation and customization of proposals and marketing systems for businesses and consumers based on their unique customer acquisition needs.

By leveraging proposal automation:

  • We have maximized lead conversion by eliminating the traditional sales process
  • We have eliminated the cost of sales conversion
  • We have isolated the "sales process" from 4 stages into 1, therefore making conversions more manageable and easier to measure and improve
  • We've lowered prices well below the industry average thereby eliminating the traditionally cost prohibitive barrier to marketing services the average businessperson (earning less than $70k/year¹) can not afford


Before automating proposals, we converted 34% of leads into clients.

After automating proposals, we convert 92% of leads into clients.

How Marketing Agencies Get Clients

How We Get Clients

Part 2: How We've Decreased Prices and Maximized Market Size

We are the first marketing agency to effectively provide low cost (▽$999/mo) marketing programs that contain customized content, design and ad targeting.

Traditional Agencies are Cost Prohibitive

We Have Programs for Every Business

B2... Consumer

The Marketing Agency is forging the path ahead in solving the common marketing problems of the traditionally unserved consumer.

From parents needing marketing to fill their kids' birthday party, to bake sales and missing children, the future of business is solving problems with prices that justify the cost. 

Market Leadership

With the elimination of wasteful sales processes and redundant account management, we have injected these savings into client services and operations making The Marketing Agency a model of lean spending to the betterment of client services and retainment. 

Contracting Improvements

The Marketing Agency is built to quickly recruit, train and manage team members from their homes. We have eliminated office costs, managerial manpower and employee liabilities while sustaining an evolved culture of team tracking and service quality.

Built to Scale

The Marketing Agency (of the future) is created to serve millions of clients, not hundreds, by leveraging systems and technologies used by Toyota, Amazon and H&R Block.


1. PayScale, Average Small Business Owner / Operator with Operations Management Skills Salary. Link


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Our Clients Always Win. ALWAYS.


We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by getting them new customers and DOMINATING their competition. 


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Our Clients Always Win. ALWAYS.

We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


1 (800) 225-6399

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923 Haddonfield Rd Suite 300
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002