A Roofer's Guide to Search Engine Optimization


If you're a roofer looking to get ranked at the top of Google for all of your services and areas, just remember this acronym:





This is an acronym that represents:

> K for keywords, C for content, R for ranking and A for analyze and adjust.

First and foremost you have to start with good keywords.

K is for Keywords

In case you didn't know, a keyword is a combination of words that people use to find stuff online.

So if I live in Haddonfield, New Jersey and I'm looking for a roofing contractor, I might type the following keywords into Google:

  • roofing contractor in Haddonfield New Jersey
  • best rated roofing company in Haddonfield
  • roofing companies in haddonfield NJ
  • Etc.

Now you know more about keywords than most people who claim to do search engine optimization.

I say this because most people that do SEO use highly sophisticated and ultimately flawed software that generates keywords that may not be related to your business.

We see it all the time.

A client will come to us with a list of keywords their last agency was trying to get them ranked for, and some of those keywords are for crappy towns they don't even want to rank for, or phrases that have nothing to do with their business.

Now I'm going to teach you the best technique for generating keywords your website should be ranking for in order to make you as much money as possible.

Let's create your Keywords.

Create 3 columns in Google Sheets (or Excel).

In the first column, list the top Locations you serve that you want more customers in. Use Wikipedia if you wish to do more research on:

  • the total population
  • median household income
  • total percentage of homes
  • etc.

Add Services to the top of the next column.

Add phrases such as:

  • roofing contractor
  • roofing company
  • roofers near me
  • best roofing company
  • etc.

if you offer solar, siding or windows then you would add phrases around these services as well.

Now go to Merge Words (CLICK HERE) and copy the first column into the first bubble and the second column into the second bubble.

Now click Merge! and it will create your new list of keywords.

Copy and paste those keywords into the third column of your sheet and now you have your list of kangaroos... I mean keywords.

 C is for Create Content

Now you, a member of your team or somebody you hire needs to build 1-3 articles around each of these keywords to get your website ranked at the top of Google with.

For example, if the keyword is roofing contractor in Haddonfield New Jersey, the article might be, "How to Select a Roofing Contractor in Haddonfield New Jersey."

Common sense, right?

Now when Google searches the web for roofing companies, when people are looking for that keyword, your article should appear at the top as long as it it is:

      • Fresh (relatively new which is why content creation never stops)
      • Original (unique and not plagiarized)
      • Relevant (write about the location relevant to the topic -- see below)
      • Authoritative (give opinions based on facts, statistics and external sources, and link to them!)

Now the important thing to remember when writing this article is it must be written as advice for prospects with absolutely no interest in getting them as a customer.

I know that sounds counterproductive, but the goal is to get this article ranked at the top of Google and nobody's going to read it anyway.

Instead, they will click the Title in Google, and go right to your homepage, about page or reviews.

So in order to get your article (website ranked), write the article as if you do not own a roofing company but rather are giving advice to somebody you love around the Thanksgiving table on how to hire a roofing contractor based on what you know.

The cool thing is you can talk about the unique challenges facing every type of home, based on the location in the keyword you are writing for.

For example, if I'm writing for the keyword Wildwood New Jersey roofing contractors, I would write about the challenges of some of those roofs and how steep and dangerous they are and how you could advise people not to do this work themselves.

>> I personally did siding on a Wildwood, NJ home when I lived there, and that roof was not joke!

So, you can use the information you know about any given area to make the content as relevant, unique and authoritative as possible.

Write one article each day.

But instead of writing the article, just open a voice-to-text website and speak the advice which will only take you a few minutes.

What do you think I'm doing now?

Then do some minor editing and get it posted to your website.

When we launched our website back in 2011 the first (or second or third) SEO article I wrote was Bakery Marketing Advice in South Jersey.

Within a few days we got a new client that was not only a bakery, but the owner of two charter schools in Millville and Vineland, NJ and a Board Member on a fortune 1000 company.

That stupid article I wrote in about an hour led to over $237k in revenue over the course of 3 years.

Needless to say I was hooked on writing content after that!

That's why this step is so important. You would be shocked at how quickly you can get your website ranked especially if your competitors are on top of a roof all day and not thinking about their marketing.

R is for Ranking

You need to find a good Keyword Ranking Checker and check the ranking for your keywords every 1-2 weeks.

Record the ranking in the Sheet you created, and watch your keywords slowly but surely increase in ranking.

A is for Analyze and Adjust

The goal here is to constantly be writing articles for keywords that aren't yet ranking. Once you get a keyword ranking, you can move on to the next.

After doing this for a while you are going to get really good at writing great content that gets your keywords (website) ranked.

If you can afford a marketing agency that knows what they're doing, I'd say hire them to do this instead.

At least now you know the basics, and what it takes to get your roofing company ranked for highly profitable keywords.

Naturally a lot more methods can increase your SEO, but if you had to knock your competitors out in search engines, this is the first punch I would throw!


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We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


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