How to Find a Missing Person

If your loved one is missing, every second at your disposal is precious, and that's why you're entrusting me, Matt Steffen, the greatest marketing expert of our time to help you find them.

So I'm not going to waste any of your time; instead, let's locate your loved one.

Rule 1: Ensure someone is always at your house in case they try to come back or call.

Rule 2: Generate as much attention as possible using the methods I'm teaching you.

Rule 3: Don't panic. Keep calm, and everything will be okay. If you panic, you'll waste time and be ineffective at the given task of finding your loved one.

Rule 4: Do not divulge sensitive information to anyone. The bottom line is the kidnapper could be in your family, a close friend, or even someone handing out your flyers. The less people know about what the police are doing, the better.

Follow these steps to find your loved one as soon as possible.


Hour 1 - Contact the police and local hospitals

Ensure you know as much of the following information as possible:

  • Location last seen
  • Name of missing person
  • Description of person: Hair color, eye color, height, sex, age, clothing last worn, car (vehicle make, model and license plate)


Hour 2 - Write down a list of people...

that may be of interest concerning your missing person, such as:

  • Enemies
  • Creepy people he/she may have mentioned
  • Ex-lovers
  • Co-workers
  • Disgruntled family and acquaintances
  • Friends
  • Etc.

Send list to the police along with as much information as possible you know about them.

For example: "Terry would mention this creepy guy who would come into her work every Monday morning. He was a tall white man aged in his 40s. I think her job has hidden cameras."


Hour 3 - Create a flyer of person...

including a picture of them, their name, and a call to action that tells people they're missing, and to contact the police if "you" see them.

Also, list at least a $10,000 reward for any information leading to them being found. It doesn't matter if you have the money now because you can always raise it later. Send a good friend or family member to local printer store and have them print 5,000 copies of the flyer. Once your friend/family member is done printing flyers, get a map and draw a 10 mile radius around where they were last seen. Identify dense areas, and have friends and family begin handing out and posting flyers in those areas. Ensure they have plenty of staple guns.

Example of missing person flyer:



Hour 4 - Now, drive to the location...

he/she was last seen, and begin talking to as many people as you can. Talk to gas attendants, garbage men, store clerks, etc. Talk to everyone, and if somebody was working when they disappeared and not there now, get their information and follow-up with them, and police.


Hour 5 - Put the pressure on.

The bottom line is, and this has been proven, the more media attention, public outcry and family/friend pressure on police you generate, the more resources they will dedicate to finding your loved one. A 15-yer old black girl went missing from Ohio a few months ago and it barely made headlines. Laci Peterson went missing, and today, there are dozens of books written about it. The point is, use whatever resources you can to apply as much pressure to the police to find your loved one.

Here are a few tips:

  • Call your local Police Chief, Mayor, Congressperson, Senator, Assembly person, etc daily, and follow up with emails.
  • Are they black? Call the NAACP. Are they gay? Call LBGT organizations. You get the point. There are plenty of groups out there just waiting to assist you in any way they can.
  • Continue to post flyers, and leverage Facebook advertising.
  • Create a website for your missing person, and blog twice a day about the case, calling people to help in any way they can. Have sign-up forms (use MailChimp.com) for an email newsletter, and send daily to bi-daily updates to followers about how they can help.

I know you will find them, so please take care and I'm here if you need me.


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